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Our Speaker: Sally Shangguan

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China-UK film co-production- A collaboration across and beyond cultures


Sally Shangguan is a PhD student of film studies at Nanjing Normal University in China and is currently a visiting researcher, working with Andrew Higson at TFTI. She had a few years working experience in China Central Television before the academic life. Her research focuses specifically on the UK film policies and film co-productions. She enjoys having conversations with professionals in the industry and hopes to produce works with impact.


The China-UK Film Co-Production Agreement was formalised in 2014 after the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, visited China in 2013. The era of China-UK film co-production had seemingly arrived. While China has just become the second largest film market in the world, the co-production treaty has brought unprecedented opportunities to both China’s and the UK’s film industries. However, creating co-productions remains a challenge. This research aims to address the gap between the Chinese and British film industries and film policies, using the 2014 China-UK Co-Production Agreement as a point of reference. By reviewing the different paths the Chinese and British film industries have taken in the past, this research reveals how co-production has rooted itself in both countries in various ways, and examines whether the treaty can fulfil China’s and the UK’s current demands in terms of both economic benefits and cultural policy. Finally, the research considers some potential realistic solutions for China-UK co-production, meanwhile, the research intends to provide new insights into China-UK film co-production and contributes to wider debates around film policy and the co-production industry.

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