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Schedule 2021

Virtual doors open
Professor Duncan Petrie
Panel 1: Communities

Paper 1: First-person point of view: attention and distraction in a survey of live and live-streamed theatre audiences

(Paula van Beek, Whiteria Stage and Screen programme, Te Auaha: NZ Institute of Creativity)

Paper 2: A Word In Your Ear: Reimagining Community Drama as Site-Specific Audio Drama (Kate Valentine, TFTI, UoY)

Paper 3: "What do you miss most?” - An interactive theatre performance using Twine

(Dominic Chamayou-Douglas, TFTI, UoY)

Panel Chair: Dr Emma Pett
Panel 2: Gender & Identity
Panel Chair: Professor Kristyn Gorton

Paper 1: Women on the Edge: Feminism and Selfhood in Mystery Television

(Sarah Lahm, TFTI UoY)

Paper 2: Storytelling and Cultural Identity in Arab Animation

(Tala Linjawi, TFTI, UoY)

Paper 3: Truth Justice, and her Feminine Wiles: The Effect of Female Agency on Justice in American Conspiracy Film

(Tracy Matthewson, TFTI, UoY)

Paper 4: I Still Believe in Heroes': Creating a Contemporary Mythology in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

(Irene Zarza Rubio, TFTI, UoY)

Lunch Break
Session 3: Communication & Inclusivity
Panel Chair: Dr Mariana Lopez

Paper 1: Real-time audio description for live streamed games: an early Minecraft prototype

(David Libeau, TFTI UoY)

Paper 2: How to tackle the challenges of Audio Description for television in Thailand (Kulnaree Sueroj, TFTI, UoY)

Paper 3: "And in This Corner...": A Review of the Unwavering Character Types in the Sports Feature Film (Jacob Mulgrew, TFTI, UoY)

Paper 4: Sports Commentary on Football Clubs’ Live-stream Channels: A case study of Liverpool vs Chelsea (4th March, 2021)

(Siqi Liu, TFTI, UoY)

Session 4: New Technologies
Panel Chair: Dr Debbie Maxwell

Paper 1: Digitising Theatre: A Foundation Framework Design Guide for Translating Theatre Theory into VR (Daniel Lock, TFTI, UoY)

Paper 2: Sonic Interaction in Immersive Theatre Performance

(Xiaojie Xie, TFTI, UoY)

Paper 3: Arts Based Community Making During a Global Pandemic - Improvisation Across the Lifespan (Jemma Llewellyn / Ben Finley / Reza Yazdanpanah, University of Guelph, Canada)

Key Note Speakers

'A digital Dream'

(George Simons - Producer RSC & Dr Jonathan Freeman - Goldsmiths, University of London)

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