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Our Speaker: Kulnaree Sueroj

Presentation title:

Audio Describing gestures and facial expressions in Thai serials


I'm a Thai lecturer from Thammasat university. I have been worked about the Audio Description for television programmes in Thailand from 2014 to present. My scope of AD working relates to the AD script writing, AD consulation, AD training, and research on AD users. As a researher, most of my studies are qualitative research which relate to focus group, in-depth interview or non-participant observation. As a PhD student of university of York, I run a project about 'Audio Describing gestures and facial expressions in Thai serials'.


Audio Description for television in Thailand is growing at a slow pace because there are many challenges to drive the policy of television access services (Audio Description: AD, Closed Captioning: CC, Sign Language: SL); a salient problem is that of limited knowledge. The media regulator (The National Broadcasting Telecommunication Commissions: NBTC) has had to postpone the roll out of accessibility services several times because many television broadcasters, especially commercial broadcasters, are still encountering obstacles linked to the cost of accessibility as well as limited knowledge of the area. The results of this research will contribute to the training of Thai audio describers and, as a result, contribute to extending access to television programmes to people with sight loss.

Qualitative research will be undertaken in order to answer the following research questions: (1) How can we classify different types of gestures and facial expressions in Thai serials with regards to their function in discourse, so as to apply such classification to Audio Description? (2) When focusing on serial programmes, what are the differences in accessible culture of gestures and facial expressions between sighted audience and unsighted audience? (3) What are the effective ways of transferring gestures and facial expressions to verbal modes in Audio Description for Thais with visual impairments?

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